How to Get Out of Your Brain's Way

Tips to Get Out of Your Way

1.  The Drift: 

Notice when your thoughts are getting Sticky

Catch yourself – but no yelling at the Computer

Gently bring yourself back to what you were doing

2.  Choke Prevention:

If you can’t prevent it, let it go

3.  Simplify and Stay Present

Focus only on what is in front of you-the section of the course, the mile you are on, your stride, your breathing

4.  Emotional Bandage

What would you tell a teammate if they were having a tough race? Give yourself the same advice.

5. Change or let go of the goal

We have to deal with a variety of circumstances in the moment – sometimes goals have to be altered.

Reading Materials:

1.  Brain Rules, John Medina

2.  Choke, Sian Beilock

3.  Mindset, Carol Dweck

4.  This is Your Brain on Sports, David Grand and Alan Goldberg