Athletes are committed to training their BODIES to perform. Now address the role the BRAIN plays in preparing for success and challenges.

GritPerformance fills the gap between hard work and mental strength. All sessions are led by Melinda Halpern, Licensed Professional Counselor and trained EMDR therapist. Melinda has experienced both the thrill of success and the challenge of adversity as an athlete throughout her life, battling her own addictions to running, skiing, swimming, yoga and recently mountain biking. As a coach and instructor Melinda speaks the language of an athlete while implementing brain based research skills for success.


Athlete sessions are customized to your specific sport and needs:
   • Teams or Individual
   • Adults and Youth
   • On-site Training Available

Training sessions cover:
   • Education to Mental Toughness
   • Linking the Brain and the Body
   • Using Code Words
   • Pre Race Preparation
   • Race Day Edge
   • Goal Setting
   • Post Race Issues