Kendra Wenzel  |  Wenzel Coaching

"In striving to bring in the best and most-knowledgeable specialists for my elite athletes, Melinda Halpern is a professional I turn to when an athlete can use support outside of our coach/client conversations. Sometimes the demands training, racing, travel made on the athlete to reach peak performance can touch issues that go beyond the productive interactions between coach and client.  Melinda has helped my clients organize more effectively around their training and personal schedules, focus their approach to their goals, control their nerves, and diffuse self-sabotaging behaviors. In addition, she's helped the athletes balance  their relationships with significant others, teammates and management."


Kendra has been coaching elite and beginning bike racers since 1994 when she helped found Wenzel Coaching. She trains racers as well as coaches and also focuses on writing articles for all levels of athletes. Kendra co-authored the book Bike Racing 101, an introduction to road bike racing. Her articles and interviews have been featured in publications such as Velonews, Bicycling Magazine, The New York Times, and the Men's Journal.


Brianna Walle  |  Pro cyclist

Brianna is an Optum Procycling team member
I've had the pleasure of working with since 2014.

"Melinda has been a fundamental part of my training plan both at home and on the road. She provides a safe environment to discuss both personal and cycling-related challenges and issues. Melinda has worked with me on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and "Bilateral Stimulation" exercises to help me manage stress and turn it into a motivating feeling. Melinda understands what it's like to be a competitive athlete and takes this into account with any issue. I feel she would benefit any athlete from beginner to professional."

I’ve been seeing Melinda this past off-season to help me balance my pro and personal life on and off the bike. She has helped me cope with the mental challenges an athlete can face in the sport and on-going activities to be a successful athlete.


I race professionally for Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies. It took a lot of work, dedication and support from my friends and family to get to this point and I’m seizing the moment! I consider myself to be an “all-rounder” type of rider, a fast learner, and a team player. My strengths include: time-trialing, sprinting, crazy hard attacks and power-climbing. I have raced in several roles within our team, from “rabbit” to domestique and GC rider. I thrive off of strong efforts to work for my teammates and achieve our team goals. I’m looking forward to another awesome season!


Beth Ann Orton  |  Pro cyclist

My coach Kendra Wenzel introduced me to Melinda during the 2014 cyclocross season. Since then, she has been integral to helping me control and nurture pre-race anxiety, establish and accomplish performance goals, and maintain mental focus on and off the bike. 


I live in Portland, Oregon, but hail from rural Washington state, where I grew up riding bikes to fishing holes, and to the corner store for king size candy bars.  I am very good with non-sequiters and bad humor.  I began cycling after spending many years in happy pursuance of mountain sports and a masters degree in science.  I love racing bikes, skiing, and travel, and am fortunate to have a life rich with these things.  This blog is about balancing racing, and life, and the good friends and family with whom I share them. 

When I'm not racing or training I enjoy a part time career as a PA in family medicine, mountain biking,  backcountry skiing, writing, reading, coffee snobbery, and spending time with my life partner in adventure, Matthew Wilkin.


Adam Bernero  |  MLB Pitcher 2000-06

Major League Baseball Pitcher 2000-06 and
Mountain View High School Baseball Coach

Sports psychology has always intrigued me coming from a professional sports background. So, I wanted to hear what Melinda had to say in talks she has given to groups around the central Oregon area. All of her talks were very informative and interesting to the point that myself and the rest of the coaching staff of the Mt. View baseball team, hired her to talk to the parents of our teams. The talk helped with opening the lines of communication as a staff to the parents and vice versa. After getting good advice on how to be a positive influence at home to their children during the season, we as a staff have seen improvements in the kids behaviors from years past.

Melinda is very easy to talk to and has always been very open to answering questions that I might have.
I will continue to look to her for advice in how to better coach and talk to my team. Thanks Melinda!!


Adam is a former MLB pitcher. He played for seven organizations in a ten year professional career.
After signing with the Detroit Tigers in ’99 he made 37 starts and 150 relief appearances in the big leagues. 
He also pitched in the big leagues with the Rockies, Braves, Royals and the Phillies.

In 2013, Adam coached a high school baseball team in Bend, Oregon and it sparked a passion for teaching and giving back what he learned in his experience as a big leaguer. Beyond teaching the physical aspects of pitching mechanics, Adam knows that the key to success for any player comes from a proper frame of mind. Baseball is a very dynamic game and Adam is excited to help players reach their full potential.

Career Highlights

– MLB Debut on August 1, 2000 for the Detroit Tigers 
– Pitched in 376 Big League Innings
– Took him a little over a year to make it to the big leagues after signing as an amateur.